FAQs About Hearing Loss

FAQs About Hearing Loss

Suffering from hearing loss? Dr. Andrew Pestcoe at The Head and Neck Center in Bethlehem and Allentown, PA is dedicated to helping you hear clearly again.

FAQs About Hearing Loss in Bethlehem, PA

How well you hear can significantly impact your quality of life. Dr. Pestcoe at The Head and Neck Center answers some of the top questions so that you can be proactive in your hearing health.

What are the most common signs of hearing loss?

You may first notice that it seems like everyone that talks to you is mumbling and you have to ask, “What did you say?” more than ever before. You might also notice that you have to turn your TV, radio, or phone up louder than normal. Many people also notice a ringing or buzzing in their ears.

What is causing my hearing loss?

The answer to this question can change from person to person, due to their lifestyles and the type of hearing loss they suffer from. Hearing loss can be the result of damage to either the inner ear nerves, issues with the middle or outer ear, or a combination. And these can be caused by things like aging, ear infections, earwax buildup, trauma to the head or ear, exposure to loud noises – especially for prolonged periods, genetics or birth defects, reactions to medication, tumors, and more.

Is there any way to prevent hearing loss?

Some types of hearing loss can be prevented, especially noise-induced hearing loss. All you need to do is turn down the volume on your devices or wear ear protection if you work in a loud environment. You can also protect your ears by not pushing cotton swabs into your ears. Dr. Pestcoe can discuss personalized steps to help protect your hearing according to your needs and lifestyle.

Can hearing aids really help?

Yes, hearing aids are specifically designed to amplify the sounds around you. They come in many different sizes and styles to suit various needs and individuals.

Are hearing aids my only option?

Many people don’t like the idea of having to wear hearing aids, especially since they have always been so noticeable. Fortunately, today’s hearing aids are typically much smaller and more discreet. However, they’re not the only available options. Some patients benefit more from cochlear implants or assistive listening devices. Dr. Pestcoe will recommend the right course of treatment for your needs.

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