Common Causes of Tinnitus

Common Causes of Tinnitus

When you are dealing with hearing loss in Bethlehem, serving Allentown, PA, The Head and Neck Center and Dr. Andrew Pestcoe can give you the information you need about common causes of tinnitus. 


Tinnitus is a common condition that affects the ears. It is both a neurological and audiological condition. It is not a disease but is often reflective of some underlying illness. With this condition, you hear a sound that doesn't exist outside your ear. It may be a ringing sound, but that is not the only description used to describe what is being heard. It can be clicking hissing and even rarely music. 

In the US, 50 million people suffer from this condition. Of that 50 million, 10 million have cases that affect their ability to function optimally. Not everyone has the same degree of tinnitus. It can be intermittent or constant, it can be in one ear or in both ears, it can be a low pitch or a high pitch. But it is always annoying at the very least. 

Tinnitus has several common causes. Hearing loss is the most common cause but it may also be caused by an obstruction in the middle ear, TMJ, and traumatic brain injury, just to name a few. You need to have your ears examined for hearing loss in Bethlehem, serving Allentown, PA, to determine what the cause is. 

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is most often associated with tinnitus. The two most common types of hearing loss are:

Age-related- After the age of 60 hearing often deteriorates. It usually happens in both ears. Usually, the loss is of high-pitched sounds. It does explain why so many cases of tinnitus are in the elderly. 

Noise-induced- Working or living in an environment where you are exposed to loud noises either on one occasion or over years can lead to hearing loss. It can be a traumatic event or just your lifestyle. This type of hearing loss can happen in only one ear or both. 

Obstruction of the External/ Middle Ear

A blockage can cause damaging pressure in the middle ear as a result of wax, dirt, or head congestion. In most cases, removing the blockage cures tinnitus. 


TMJ affects the temporomandibular joint, where the jaw connects to the skull. This is located right in front of the ear. Damage in this area can result in tinnitus. Having the condition treated will usually resolve the tinnitus. 

Traumatic Brain Injury

This accounts for more than half of tinnitus cases in veterans who have been injured. In Bethlehem, serving Allentown, PA, treating hearing loss means calling the Head and Neck Center and Dr. Pestcoe. Don't wait, call today at 610-691-2552